Marketing & Communications

I’ve spent a decade in the day-to-day execution of marketing and communications.  In different organizations, and across several fields, my passion for clear communication of scientific and technical content to a broad audience has driven my approach. Here are some examples:


Commercialization Guide: Tech and IP


I led and project managed a 42-page Commercialization Guide, bringing together several teams’ expertise  to develop a tool that explains the technology and intellectual property commercialization process at an Ivy League university. Working with an external design firm, I produced a theme and layout concept that aligned with departmental goals and guidance and that reflected the university’s storied history. My management role included that all content, design, and approvals were delivered according to deadlines so that the Guide could ship on its target date.

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SXSW Trade Show Booth

sxsw booth.jpg

To produce this trade show booth for a University tech transfer office under a tight deadline, I worked with an external design firm to ensure that the booth would meet design requirements and be possible to fabricate quickly. Successfully managing the design and execution of this project involved gaining input and buy-in from various stakeholders from across the university, and blending the University’s brand with the brands of the participating internal organizations, which presented a significant challenge.

Technology Marketing Video

This video was produced in-house with a very low budget as a pilot for a year-long project including twelve technology videos. I scripted, shot, and edited this video.

Hear from Penn professor Kacy Cullen, PhD, about his work to reverse the clock on Parkinson's Disease

Exhibit Panels: Building Sensors

sensor panel.png

As a marketer at the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub, I produced science communications tactics that helped explain the technology aspects of our office building (and the type of buildings our initiative supported). Our building featured various sensors that continuously monitored air quality and other aspects of the working environment. I worked closely with the building scientists on staff to develop content for and produce exhibit panels that were displayed throughout the office area, educating staff on how our business and science worked hand in hand.

Non-confidential Summaries for Technologies

Non-confidential Summaries are used by Technology Licensing Officers when sharing technologies created by university professors with potential licensees. These briefs needed a consistent look and feel as well as a regular production process. While policy dictated that the design, layout, and content be determined by a committee, I was responsible for leading that group in reaching consensus and producing the library of documents. Click through to visit the searchable database.