Managing My Writing Load

November ... for many writers, this means NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a worldwide movement where writers try to write 50,000 words in the month. I have participated for about 6-7 years now, and I usually manage about 20k on a project already underway. The only time I "won" (hit 50k) was when I was heavily editing a work that was almost done. So I don't think it technically counted.

So here we are at the almost-halfway point on the 14th. This year I am up to 13,000 words on a book I started writing on Nov. 1. The fact that I have averaged 1,000 words a day in the last 13 days is astounding to me. Because, in November, I am also:

  • still working my full-time job
  • taking PlayPenn's 7-week workshop and trying to also write major words on my play (not counting those words to my NaNo wordcount)
  • still spending time with friends and family
  • Thanksgiving, weekend travel, etc.

Basically, ALL THE THINGS! And still writing. It's hella difficult, friends. I know that many of you are struggling with writing along with a host of other challenges and commitments. We are all trying to "just keep swimming," aren't we?

I don't really have any great words of wisdom, other than to say whether you hit 50k or 5k or even just 500 words this month, it's okay. It's a big challenge and you need to be kind to yourself above all.

Good luck with writing!